Ri a vha tanganedza kha vhaVenda-land (Your welcome on Venda-land Website). This is an innovative space to display the diversity of vhaVenda people and their unique culture. This space was created to showcase the creativity and new ideas of the vhaVenda people, bringing together skills to work and contribute in building the great country of South Africa. For people to know where they are going they have to know where they come from and who they are, this the vision of this website and it's operatives.

Our Vision: To be the leader in cultural development and innovation in Africa.

Our Mission: By bringing together creative talents and minds, businesses, cultural organisations, Government agencies and others to work together.

The Vendaland is full of great tourists attractions that are visited by hundreds of people locally and internationally. The visitors are treated to the warmth of the vhaVenda people and the taste of the vhaVenda's unique cultural foods and fruits.

The vhaVenda pride in their skills passed on from generations to generations. They create unique Art and crafts that continues to challenge creativity to the next level. The vhaVenda people also make clothing which is branded by the their unique fabric called Nwenda.

The Venda lands hold annual events such as Musangwe sport which is a unique Vhavenda fist-fight sport. It attracts different people and sports organisations locally and internationally. Well known TV channels have made documentaries on this very sport namely SABC, eTV, Al Jazeera and others.

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