Vendaland Women Development is a programme that helps women of Vhembe District and Limpopo to develop themselves and their communities...

Vendaland Women Development

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Vendaland's Women Development Programme creates oppotunities for women from the age of 16 to enable them to develop their lives in different fields. Women face different challenges in their communities and homes including raising children, unempoloyment and others. The programme inspires and creates a working vision which can be realised through the different projects under this programme.

The Objectives:
1. To uplift women of different ages from their lifestyles or situations.
2. To inspire and create vision.
3. Help them to indentify their talents and creative skills.
4. Expose women to information and resources relevent to their development from different sources.
5. Help women to start creative projects and businesses.
6. Develop projcets that unite women in different communities.

Chairperson: Miss Faith Phumudzo

Projects under the programme:
1. Women in Business - this project helps women develop enterpreneurship skills, business information and available resources to assist them to start businesses.
2. Creative Skills - channel women's talents and knowledge into creative skills and projects.
3. Career Guidance - prepare young women to choose careers that are sutable for their vision and talents in life.
4. Info Centre - an information centre with resources focused to women from both Government and private agencies.

Women Empowerment Centres:
1. Department of Women South Africa
2. Women Economic Programmes
3. Businesswomen's Association of South Africa
4. WBD investments
5. Nisaa Institute for Women's Development
6. HERS - SA
7. The International Women’s Forum (IWF)
8. The Association of South African Women in Science and Engineering (SA WISE)
9. Women in Mining South Africa (WiMSA)
10. Absa Women Empowerment Fund
11. BPW - SA
12. Zimele Community
13. People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA)
14. Women’s Hope, Education and Training Trust

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