These are our community standards...

Vendaland Community Standards Board

Vision and hardwork

Vendaland stands for a community standard that lives towards a constructive vision and members of community(especially the young) who work hard towards that vision starting from their own lifes, building careers, starting businesses and projects that eradicate a mentality of laziness and poverty...


Vendaland stands for a community standard that fight against crime by working together with government institutions such as the SAPS and others to make sure that our communities are safe and developing. Crime destroys our social standing and other factors that build our communities such as business and etc.

Women and Child Abuse

Vendaland stands for a community standard that fight against women and child abuse. Our woman and child are the future of our communities. Woman care for our families and children are the hope of our vision and working future. We have to protect them at any cost and working together with the standards of our gorvernment institutions...

Creative Education

Vendaland stands for a community standard that creates an environment which provides quality education that enables our communities to be innovative, creative and also know how to utilise all the resources around them...

Job Creation and Innovation

Vendaland stands for a community standard that is inspired by a working vision which give birth to new ideas that will in turn create jobs. We do not create jobs with the focus of making money but our focus should be to display what we are and the ideas behind our unique traditions and hence reflect in business and creating jobs...

Vendaland is South African

Vendaland stands for a community standards that are required and enforced by the South African Government. We are proudly South African and whatever we do is within the standards of the South Afican Constitution. We live in unity with other tribes in this country, namely vaTsonga, baSotho, baPendi, maNdebele, maXhosa, maZulu, maSwati, baTwana, Afrikaaners...

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