Ri a vha tanganedza kha vhaVenda-land( Your welcome on vhaVenda-land Website). This is an innovative space to display the diversity of vhaVenda people and their unique culture. This space was created to showcase the creativity and new ideas of the vhaVenda people hence brings skills to work together and contribute in building the great country of South Africa. For people to know where they are going they have to know where they are coming from and who they are and this the vision of this website and it's operatives.

Khosikhulu Vho Toni Mphephu Ramabulana

Khosikhulu Vho Toni Mphephu is the king of the vhaVenda people. He guides the people into their traditional values and lifestyle. As a leader he unites the vhaVenda under one roof, to live in peace with all the other chiefs throughout all the venda regions. In this way vhaVneda people can share their unique skills, wisdom and lifestyle with ther people and tribes of South Africa. Every tribe in SA has a part to play in the broader vision of the country and the global community. King Vho Toni ensures that this dream is realized by this generation and passed on to the next.

Thovhele Kennedy Midiyavhathu Tshivhase

Thovhele Livhuwani Matsila (Ha-matsila)

Thovhele Gole Musiiwa Mphaphuli

Thovhele Vele Prince Kutama (Ha-kutama)

Thovhele Nthumeni Masia (Ha-Masia)

Thovhele Talifhani Matsila (Ha-Matsila)

Thovhele Pfuluwani Netsinada (Tsianda)

Thovhele Avhatendi Hector Rambuda (Rambuda)

Thovhele Khathutshelo Ramalamula (Tshikuwi)

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