LIP(Limpopo Innovative Projects) is a Programme that creates a platform for innovative ideas which can become working projects, such as:

  • Business Project that create jobs and change our economic environment.
  • Working project that can be used by our Government or communities to solve challenges and make this country function better.
  • Working projects which can be used to improve private companies or solve their challenges.

About the Projects:
  • Participants can be an individual of any age or form a group
  • SMME are allowed to participate
  • In need of funding
  • Projects must have a business plan or a working model.

LIP competition prices: Tablets, Laptops and Price money

Programmes under LIP. For more info please contact 076 944 1873

What's Next Creativity Programme

LIP conducts a programme where young people are taught ways to be innovative and to create something our of their own skills and talent. This programme will also facilitate their creations to become working projects.

Find Innovation Programme

LIP will conduct sessions where people come with their creations and innovations, to present before the LIP team and their partners. People will come from all the LIP partners. The innovation sessions will take place in regions around the Limpopo province. After the sessions are conducted, an expo(Limpopo Innovation Festival) will take place where all the innovations will be displayed before the public, Government stakeholders and LIP partners.

LIP Innovation Festival

The LIP festival is an event which showcases all the innovative projects that have been presented by the participants including those in other LIP programmes. This event is held annually in Polokwane. The dates and times are announced as the event approaches. Prices of the winners in the festival with consist of Tablets, Laptops, Cash prices and funds for the projects.

LIP Magazine “What’s next”

Every idea is an inspiration of another (Magazine slogan). LIP magazine(What’s next) showcases a wide range of innovative projects that people are coming with around the country. This is to inspire, educate and facilitate innovation from every corner of our country including Limpopo.

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