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Skills Required:
In addition to knowledge of sewing techniques, dressmakers should have a firm understanding of garment design, construction, styling and fabric. Key skills also include attention to detail, creativity and the ability to communicate clearly with clients.

Job Duties:
Dressmakers measure customers to get measurements for garments. Once the dressmaker has the customer's measurements, the process of cutting fabric and sewing can begin to assemble the clothing. Dressmakers schedule a fitting for customers to try on the clothing and make notes on alterations. Some dressmakers offer customers alterations on existing garments. A dressmaker may specialize in a type of clothing, such as wedding dresses, or work with a designer to create clothing from designs.

Dressmakers must have good hand-eye coordination, dexterity and a strong attention for detail. The position requires good verbal communication skills to work with customers during the dressmaking process. Dressmakers need strong customer service skills to provide customers with quality service. Those who own their own business must have leadership, business and management skills.

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