Vendaland Business Forum assist companies to improve their operations, growth and make profit. Our creative services are listed below.

Business Innovation

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Vendland Business Forum is a division of the Vendaland Organisation which develops and manages South African business enterprises. We offer a wide range of services including business start-up programmes, marketing management etc.

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Business Accelerator Programme

ppp 076 044 1873

Business Accelerator Programme: For business to partcipate to our Accelarator Programme they have to comply with the following:
1. They must have a revenue of less than one million rands per annum.
2. Registered and owned South Africans.
3. Email us a business module or tell us all there is to know about the business. Email info at

Forum Industry Production

Vendaland Business Connect

The Leader in Innovative business in SA and around the world.


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Vendaland Soccer

Soccers teams and their management.

Vendaland Magazine

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