Meet the team behind the Vendaland Organisation.

FOUNDER & DIRECTOR: Vho Fhatuwani Magwalivha

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Vho Fhatuwani is the founder and CEO of the Vendaland Org. He oversees all operations the Vendaland brand. He also holds a Bsc Mining Eng Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand. Mr Fhatuwani continues to build a strong partnership base with the partners of the organization and other developmental organizations in SA and abroad.

CULTURAL DIRECTOR: Vho Pompina Ramanala

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Aa. Nne ndi khomba ya muVenda adi hudzaho ngazwa hashu. I am passionate about my culture and who we are as a people. In this organisation I hope we reach a point of full exposure of our diversity. We are a great people. We are humble, kind and full of humility. This is the reason why I am proudly a part of this great Organisation.

MARKETING MANAGER: Vho Mpho Magwalivha

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Vho Mpho is the marketing director. He designs and manages all marketing strategies of the organization. He holds a MSc degree in Medical Virology obtained from the University of Pretoria. He acquired a Researching skill in gathering relevant information for upholding projects at hand.

PRO: Vho Manu Magwalivha

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Vho Manu is the public relations officer of the organization. He possesses much knowledge of the vhaVenda people, cultural practices and tradition. He also has much experience in business management and operations which resulted in him co-founding the Crystallifestyle company and other projects under this organization.

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